Welcome to HiTech Learning Center, a division of Merita Technologies

Merita Technologies has launched the Hi-Tech Learning Center portal. This is where you will find access to our Technology training program. 

We launched this program to provide training in the areas of Software Development and IT in general. This is intended to give access to current, leading edge instruction to participants that do have some training and/or experience in the Software Development and other IT areas of discipline. 

This Program targets the following types of Trainees:

  • Work Study,
  • Internship, 
  • Customized Software Development training for IT professionals, and
  • Corporate Onboarding Training for companies and government agencies.

Now located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the Directors of Merita Technologies and staff have brought their 30+ years of international IT experience and business acumen to run this Program. With this Training, the attendees will be more employable and capable of creating state-of-the-art applications; solutions for local needs; and gain the skills to perform at international standards. 

If you are here to sign up for any of our courses, please click the link below to complete the registration form for the Programming course.



For the Tech Refresher Course, please click below for the registration form.


Inquiries for our corporate training program, and our customized Software Development training, please email - gjames@meritatech.com.