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Free preparatory course open to the general public. 

You will learn programming using php , This course its from Zero to Hero practice makes easy to understand and use the language

What is DatabaseThree levels to view:

Level 1: literal meaning – the place where data is storedDatabase = Data + Base, the actual storage of all the information that are interested

Level 2: Database Management System (DBMS)The software tool package that helps gatekeeper and manage data storage,access and maintenance. It can be either in personal usage scope (MS Access,SQLite) or enterprise level scope (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, etc).

Level 3: Database ApplicationAll the possible applications built upon the data stored in databases (web site,BI application, ERP etc).

Foundational git skills for participation in all HTLC learning courses

Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Node was developed as a way to extend the power and functionality of Javascript beyond the limited use of functioning only within the context of a web browser. As the web began to mature in the early 2000s, it became very apparent that JavaScript had already become one of the most ubiquitous and widely used langauges in the world. Javascript's widespread use combined with the development of ES6, which brought modern functionality to the JavaScript langauge and a host of new tools, made Javascript a prime candidate to be expanded beyond the browser.

Node incorporated the V8 engine ( the same engine that is used internally by Chrome ) to create a stand-alone envrironment that could run Javascript outside of a browser context. This allowed Node to be able to run independent programs like web servers and the Node CLI where users could execute Javascript commands in a full Javascript envrironment inside of the terminal. This expansion revolutionized the way JavaScript was seen and used within the web development world.

React is the world's most popular front end Javascript framework.  The suggested pre-requisite for this course is completing the BASIC JAVASCRIPT and ES6 free prep courses in FREE CODE CAMP:

When you feel you have a good foundational understanding on Javascript and ES6, 

Here you will be trained and take through the latest basic DO's and DONT Tips whne working with technology either with a device offline or online.

We hope you enjoy this whole course!